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This was one of the easiest decisions ever. The hard part was going through each entry and making it private. Too many problem in high school and I'm not going through it again in college. So if you want to be able to read my posts leave a message ^_^

Please please please DO NOT take my graphics without my permission! This includes icons. I really hate is when I see my icons for personal use floating around. Pet peeve... Sorry.

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From now on, what kind of couple can we expect to be?
I don't need anything special, just for you to smile.
I am uneasy because I love you.
I gently hold everything that I am feeling right now,
Because our love was affirmed
That time I opened my eyes.

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18 February 2013 @ 09:40 pm
Wow, I haven't written on here for a very long time. Just a disclaimer, Nishino's art is AMAZING but... the I wish the gallery handled it better. So... don't link this to the artist. Just sayin'.

Sunday was an awful windy day with freezing temperatures. Just coming from the Upper East side wher we had brunch, we were all looking forward to being inside again. After picking up a sickly Andrew, we headed over to the nondescript gallery in Tribeca. Walking by the giant glass windows, I saw Nishino, who was dressed quite spiffy, at the front sectioned off area of the gallery. They had made two false wall dividers to make block out certain spots (http://twitpic.com/c4ww5n). The other side was blocked off so that there was a quiet place to play this movie on the wall about the artist. But no one was hanging out there because the staff had all their stuff just out in the open. Jeez, that's a lot of trust... Anyway, in between the two dividers there was all the original art displayed in frames. Since they were part of a picture book, the English translation of the story was nailed right underneath each picture (http://twitpic.com/c4n8zo).

So do you have an image of what the gallery looked like? Well, this is what happened while we were there. I walk in with my friends and it was like I came with the People of Color entourage. Right at the door on the left, they were selling two of Nishino's books. And behind them, Nishino was just standing there not greeting people but signing things as people were leaving. He really was so nice because you didn't need to buy his book in order to get an autograph.

I mentioned that I walked in with basically the only group of non-Japanese minorities... Everyone else appeared to be all the Japanese people working in NYC at the moment. And... the random Lower East Side hipster, with ironic glasses, beard and iPhone. And... the one guy there to pick up Japanese girls. And... the gaggle of owarai groupies who were creepily lingering by the front sneaking pictures of Nishino on the phones. Anyway, we all walk in and started to look at the pictures and seriously threw the volunteers for a loop. One guy came up behind me and explained to me in halting English, that all the pictures were part of a storybook. I thanked him in Japanese and told him I understood. "Oooooh..." Really? C'mon. Did we look like a bunch of lost tourists coming in from the cold? I don't know, but I overheard the guy whispering to some other woman in Japanese about us.

The art was really beautiful and detailed. The stories were a bit dark though. Especially the Dr. Ink ones. My favorite one was this one:

The story: There was a girl who wandered into the forest and she encountered a monster, Yaku. Yaku was about to eat the girl when she tricked him to let her go. She made him promise to bash his head on this huge rock until she reached her home safely. So in the picture, you can see the blood flowing from the wound that opened as Yaku continued to hammer his head on this rock. The monster kept his word and bashed his head until he died.

The stories were like that.

The group of us stayed for a long time. We were still horribly gossiping about the other people in our program since brunch. Nishino was constantly on the phone walking back and forth from the front of the room to the back where the movie was playing. With the girls following him around. It was a sight to see...

I decided to purchase both book that they had on sale, The Music Box Planet and Zip & Candy. I really wanted the Dr. Ink's Starry Kinema book but they didn't have that one. There were also free postcards! Just as I was purchasing the books, Nishino walked off. I think my friends were getting antsy to leave (and Andrew was being Andrew). Well, a volunteer went to get him and he came back. I walked up and called out "Nishino-san!". I guess he was still thinking we didn't know who he was because he kept speaking to me in English. After talking to him, he switched to Japanese. Then right when I was asking for his autograph, someone he knew walked in and he kinda walked off... Leaving me hanging... Only to remember what he was there for, so he came back. Nishino then asked me for my name "Kurisutaru? Kurisuten?" Gah... the girl in the front yelled at him "Kurisutina!" Things were getting more and more awkward for me. Then I asked him to sign the second book to Rebecca, which he did with no problem (giving props to Osaka and KG, TY!). My friend Cindy also ended up getting an autograph.

After, I wanted a picture because! I heard Andrew groan so I glared at him and reminded him who's birthday it was.
"Really?" asked Nishino. "It's your birthday? Today?"
I nodded since I didn't want to explain.
I must have shook his hand 10 times in five minutes.

iPhone 2.18.13 622
Cindy wanted a picture and then he thanked us a million times and we left.
01 January 2011 @ 09:45 pm
2009 had it's ups and downs. But I'm sure that in 2010 my life will change for the better. So the fortune teller said.

- Rock Nakamatachi First Sunrise LIVE (1/1): First concert of the year~!
Notes: Where the hell were my Rock Nakama, cause seriously Uchi isn't going to cut it. I ♥ Ishigaki-kun though.

- Tsubasa Imai's Dance & Rock FINAL (1/1): Yeah, that's right. 2 concerts in one day with virtually no sleep.
Notes: I can never look at bamboo the same. Seriously the highlight of my vacation. Damn, Tsubasa can transfer his magic pheromones just by touching you.

- Hey!Say!JUMP Winter Concert 2009-2010 (1/3): Don't judge me.
Notes: I got completely drunk and had a blast. Woot!! FOREHEAD!!!

- Short but Sweet in Osaka (1/6): Traveling to Osaka as a finale to my Winter vacation.
Notes: The Tokyo shows were definitely more exciting. thebeck and I had okonomiyaki after!

- Takizawa Kakumei 2010 (1/18): Seeing my Aniki on my mom's birthday again! That day is SUPER LUCKY!!
Notes: 3rd row center = getting splashed with water constantly and getting to laugh at Kis-My-Ft2 in their face. Oh, and they somehow made the show even more confusing.

- Backstreets Boys in Saitama (2/7): The last time I saw BSB, there were 5 members. Hmmmmm... Def change there.
Notes: Best show I have ever seen from them. They really mixed the old songs well with the new.

- Kansai Juniors Concert (2/28): Time to see thebeck's students.
Notes: Freaking child matsuri! There was so much going on. Super cute though.

- Haruma Collection (4/11): Miura Haruma's birthday event.
Notes: Love this boy!! He sang for us and gave us a rose. Takeru's birthday message was LOLz. I can't believe the girls told him to act like a bean sprout.

- Saotome Taichi Kabuki Show (5/12): I've always wanted to see him perform. Now's my chance!
Notes: No AIR!! He is breathtakingly beautiful and is an amazing performer.

- Tackey Kabuki (4/19): I always enjoy his kabuki. I'm hoping that they cut out the Yoshitsune part...

- Golden Week Adventure (4/29-5/5): Heading to Shikoku!
Notes: Shodoshima was beautiful. Wish there was more to do in Takamatsu. Spent the rest of the week in Kansai being lazy. I love vacation.

- Do As Infinity Eternal Flame Tour (5/9): Loved them since they did the Fukai Mori theme to Inuyasha.
Notes: I wish I was feeling 100%. Had a great time anyway!
Notes: FRONT ROW. No Toshitsune. Ahhhh... wonderful time.

- Nemuri Samurai (5/17): Gackt's first stage play! Hell yeah I'm excited.

More to come! In the works for a trip to Korea...
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31 December 2010 @ 01:56 am
Stealing sunleth's idea.

I kinda want to see how my taste changes. As I watch these movies I'll update the ranking.

Movies Seen in 2010
1. Avatar (1/20)- The story was a little predictable, but overall fun and exciting. Of course the movie was beautiful just to look at.
2. Julie & Julia (1/24)- Meryl Streep was AMAZING as Julia Childs. I can seriously relate to this movie.
3. Up (1/19)- A really touching story and I really loved all the crazy dogs.
4. All About Steve (1/21)- Quirky, but good enough to waste time.

Movies I want to see
1. Nodame Movie
3. Liar Game
4. Alice in Wonderland
5. Dr. Parnassus
6. Harry Potter
7. Ninja Assassins
8. Ooku

Any suggestions?
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For the 3rd year in a row, I've gone to Kokuritsu to see them. And as usual, the concert high is going to get me through the week. Work tomorrow! Full schedule!!

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14 March 2010 @ 11:53 pm
Ahhh... It's been a while since I've written anything. Probably because I haven't done anything worth reporting on. The past few weeks, I've been taking care of things that I've been neglecting: Eye doctor appointment, haircut, etc. Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and next week I'll go to my spa. I'm gearing up for April! Which is turning into Kabuki month...

Anyway, today was White Day. A holiday we don't have back in the States. In short, V-day is for girls to give chocolate and White Day is for boys to give back. Since I didn't give anything on Valentines, I really didn't expect to get anything this year. But I'm reminiscing now, so I decided to share my cutest White Day stories.

I have these two kids in my class, Naoki and Hozumi, who have been friends for the longest time. Their moms are friends and even their younger siblings were at one point in class with each other. I secretly think that they will end up together in high school, but they are only 8 years old now. A little early for match-making, ne...

Well, on Friday after class, Naoki had left but came back with a cute floral wrapped box. It wasn't for me (::sad face::), so I hurried him over to Hozumi so he could give it to her. They were both blushing bright red! And of course, Nonohas (one of their classmates) had to comment "ooooh, they have a love love connection". I said that was enough from the peanut gallery. Suddenly, a red-faced Hozumi starts pointing at Nonoha screaming "Peanut Gallery! Peanut Gallery!" and Nonoha started jeering too. Naoki just ran away as quickly as possible. I did too, since I had to go teach my next class.

Moving on, this is my favorite White Day story. It happened last year with my absolutely favorite baby, Yuutaro (3 years old at the time) and his classmate Yuka (4 years old). For Valentines Day, Yuka had given Yuutaro these really cute Shinkansen chocolates and he was more than happy to receive. A month later, his mom gave him some Hello Kitty white chocolates to give to Yuka. Yuutaro looked at the candy and back at his mom. Then he said, "なんで?/Why?" with the saddest puppy eyes I've ever seen.

He then kept asking where was his chocolate and why did he have to share with this girl. This went on for 5 minutes and Yuutaro was on the verge of tears. Yuka was off in her own world while this was happening (she's kind of "special") and had no clue what was going on. Eventually, his mom dragged him off home. But until they turned the corner, I still heard him asking "why?".

Well, that's all I have to share today. I'm all settled for the night and am leisurely reading the last Harry Potter book. The first and only time I read it was when it came out. I was in a rush to get through it, but now I just want to enjoy it.

Good night!
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I feel like I haven't been reading anything intellectual since I came here. Let's see how long it will take to get through this list.

As of 02/01/2010: 8/100 Read

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31 December 2009 @ 12:00 am
2008 will be a hard act to follow, but already 2009 is off to a great start!

- NEWS Winter Party Diamond (1/1): Celeb Party!!
Notes: Great show even though our seats were way in the back on the 1st stands. Teggo is adorable!

- thebeck's visit (12/25-1/4): What crazy adventures this time?
Notes: Concerts, good food, loads of fun. We went on the pilgrimage from Heikei Chichi-ue sama. A lot of walking... Good times.

- Tackey's Ai Kakumei Event (1/5): Special Event in Odaiba. Yup, first train out as the sun rises...
Notes: I'm getting way too old for this... I hate waking up before sunrise. I got to shake hands with my aniki at least.

- Gackt Live Tour 2008-2009 (1/6): Requiem et Reminiscence II! I've been wanting to see him live forever.
Notes: Gackt fans are not what I thought they would be. I was in line with 2 70-year old obaa-sans!! Overall, it was great people watching. The concert left me feeling confused...

- Takizawa Kakumei (1/18): I get to see Tackey on my mom's birthday... Happy Birthday!!
Notes: Whale ballerinas, the stargate, no plot. Ahhhh definitely a show put on by Tackey. It was nice, but confusing...

- KOREEA! (2/8-2/12): Never thought I'd say this... I'm going to Korea for my birthday.
Notes: Did a lot of shopping and eating. I miss Chae Chae already T-T I can say that I didn't have a bad time.

- Koyama's Butai (2/15): A stage play based on the movie, Phone Booth. That must mean Koyama in a suit again.
Notes: Good seats and they did their best turning this into a play. There were parts that were lagging, but overall I liked it. I loved it when that "Chinese" tourist said that he looked like NEWS's Koyama-kun.

- Amuro Namie's Best Fiction (2/22): Fumika got FC tickets! I've dreamed of going to one of her concerts!
Notes: This was probably the most normal concert I went to where there were guys and girls. The guys were kinda weird though. No one danced. I wonder why I was surprised. I didn't care :P

- Tsubasa's Dance & Rock '09 (3/1): First time I've gone out of my way for a weekend for a concert. Nagoya's nice.
Notes: Amazing as usual. Seriously Tsubasa has super strong pheromones. I haven't had that much fun in a while. And then the surprise at Nagoya castle...

- Endless Shock 2009 (3/6): Curse you flumpool! I was forced to go to this show last minute because I took the day off and didn't want to waste the day.
Notes: Endless bore...

- Romeo & Juliet (3/16): Decided to go at the last minute. How many times have I seen Shakespeare in Japan?
Notes: Best show I've ever seen at the Globe, hands down. Ueda and that girl made me cry. I never cry! Loved what they did by extending the set out into the audience.

- Takizawa Enbujou '09 (4/6): Almost a year to the day from the first time I went!
Notes: 4th row, right next to the hanamichi! Also happens to be the row right by the trap door... Got hit in the face with paper butterflies and really enjoyed Tackey's kabuki.

- Kansai Adventure 2009 (4/29-5/6): Hanshin Tiger's game! SHIGA! Fun times to be had! It's good to go home once in a while.
Notes: I never thought I would have so much fun at a baseball game.

- The Visit (5/15-5/28): Not as creepy as it sounds, my mom and sister are visiting! It's been awhile, hasn't it.

- KAT-TUN 8 Day Battle (5/18): I guess I should say that it better not suck or I'm out of the fandom for good.
Notes: Amazing Arena seats! It actually was a lot of fun.

- Shige's SEMINAR (5/25): Sex addicted university student? Bring it on!
Notes: Shige sure knows how to choose some interesting roles.

- KAT-TUN Tour (6/14): Seriously, guys... Last chance.
Notes: First time on the 3rd floor. Not as much fun.

- Rookies Special Event (6/17): Got special screening tickets. I get to Takeru!!
Notes: He is so good looking in person! And tiny!

- Hoshi no Daichi ni Furu Namida (6/28): Not going to lie, I'm going to see Haruma-kun on stage. Yabai...
Notes: Def. Yabai. Weird play actually. Wasn't expecting a musical.

- Gabriel Channel (7/13): Tsubasa's butai about the life of Gabriel Channel.
Notes: The costumes were gorgeous, but if you were there to see Tsubasa... you'll be disappointed. HIGASHIYAMA-sama showed up...

- BECK Special Supporter: I applied to be an extra in the BECK movie. It will be an all night affair.
Notes: What an amazing experience. Luck was on my side and I was able to see all the main actors up close. I didn't catch a cold either!

- KAT-TUN @Sendai (8/2): I can't even tell you why I'm going to see them a 3rd time...
Notes: Their concerts outside of Tokyo are so different! The fans are crazy as hell though...

- Obon Vacation!! (8/9-8/17): thebeck is coming and we're going to Kisarazu again!
Notes: I wouldn't mind living out there. This town is so full of character!

- Boys Film Fest (8/16): I really don't know what this event is about actually...
Notes: Poor Takeru has the flu and the even was canceled. The movie was pretty funny though.

- Buzzer Beat Filming (9/7): I got chosen to be an extra on the finale of Buzzer Beat!
Notes: 8 hours is a long time to sit, but I sure didn't mind see all the hot guys...

- Dreamboys 2009 (9/13): I'm not particularly looking forward to this show. Especially because Subaru is in it. Not a fan, that's all I can say...
Notes: My seat turned out to be awesome. Kame makes my day as usual.

- Hong Kong!! (9/20-24): My first time back in 20 years.
Notes: Wow, things have changed. I ate so much good food and definitely enjoyed myself.

- Osaka Fall Trip (10/31-11/4): Going to watch some Bunraku and dress-up as a Maiko!
Notes: So much fun on Halloween and it is always nice to see my host dad.

- Ame no Hi no Mori no Naka (11/15): Massu's first stage play!
Notes: Hysterical! Entertaining from beginning to end. What kind of tea do pregnant women drink? Maternity! Maternit- TEA! Get it?

- Short but Sweet (11/22): Yamapi's Solo concert! Excited!
Notes: I nearly died when those fans pushed me down the stairs.

- Ayako's Wedding (12/6): I'm so happy for her!
Notes: Such a beautiful Wedding! I spent way too much.

- Winter Vacation (12/27-1/6): What a nice long break!
Notes: Wow. Did so many random things...
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31 August 2009 @ 01:24 am
I had a fun unusual time at the concert today. For one thing, it rained the entire time. First this drizzle mist and during A Day in Our Life is was pouring. The more Sho asked us to repeat the words in the rap the harder it rained...

Let's start from the beginning.

We got to Kokuritsu around 4:15. At the station there were hundred and hundreds of girls/women looking for tickets. Easily there must have been a thousand people who were there without tickets for the show since there were 3 train stations. I saw some reports of people who just stood outside in the rain during the whole concert because they had no tickets. Ummmm... why? Does it prove that you are a more devoted fan and you love them more because you are willing to stand in the rain and sacrifice everything? The members certainly don't know about it.

I digress. We got a bit lost finding out gate... After that no problems.

The show started a bit late. The opening was a recap of their career and then the 5 members appeared on top of the stage and were hooked up to fly across the arena to where the torch was. I wasn't expecting any acrobatics since this was an open arena. I don't remember much of the set list because I'm very very selective about which songs I listen to.

The solos: Aiba performed the sexy jungle beat version of Pikanchi. Nino did a Kotoba Yori mo Taisetsu na Mono and played guitar. Matsujun did jazz musical version of WISH. Ohno did the Uta no Onii-san song. Sho sang Tomadoi Nagara (???)

I enjoyed the fireworks but because of the rain and wind the smoke covered up the grande finale. Apparently balloons were also supposed to be released during 5 x 10. Nope...

And yes, I cried like crazy during that song. Also through various other parts of the show.

Hopefully I'll continue this report tomorrow. I haven't slept in 2 days... This probably doesn't make any sense.
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30 August 2009 @ 01:21 am
I really really hope that it doesn't rain today during the 5x10 concert... So far not looking so good.

I still cannot listen to 5x10 without crying.

My translation (Thanks for the help Beck):

We met several years back. That felt like a coincidence, didn't it? Then I realized, it's been 10 years.
In the sky above, a balloon swirls up.
You boarded this shaking boat with the 5 of us who were still young.
"Let's keep laughing..." "Certainly, our dreams will come true..."
So the advise we received in the past, even now it sits in our hearts.

Impatience. Worry. Resentment. There were also days we felt those feelings.
But because you were there, because of those warm smiles,
We were able to walk forward. You were the hand by our side.
After all this time, still, even now it is embarrassing

*Really crying, really laughing,
Really worrying, really living.
Now, our chest is filled with pride.

**Many words of love coming around a second time in this nothing of a song from us.
This huge love is piling up.

"Step by step" this nearby path never ends because we have no choice but to go on the path we believe in.
If you are to cry, let's meet again.
These unchanging guys will give you love. (yeah) The future we wish for together for you (yeah)
Cross over the mountain ahead on the wind. We'll fly.
Be dyed in our color.

The sky that I watch alone, are you also looking at it too?
If you are, sing. This power... will reach the sky.

If our combined voices do not disappear, for another 100 years, we vow our love.
We wish for your smile to blossom.

It will always, always be in our hearts. Just because I want to try to say it:
Thank you... "From this moment on, thank you".

We are standing here. Now, we are shining because you are here.
The 5 of us are here. Always here.
Until now, it turns into power and this unchanging love is enveloped here.
Forever, you see, forever can be born from just you and me.

la la la la...

Love Love for you
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